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I'm no one special, by the way my name is Peter, in fact not even particularly clever, but since 2005 have been building websites for my own enjoyment, interests and hobbies.

I decided to try and make a bit of money from my websites, mainly to try and cover the costs of the domains, server space and other bolt on costs I was paying out every year to keep them online.

Earlier on in 2013 I had this idea, after searching thousands of websites and links for hundreds of hours thought, wouldn’t it be nice if there was somewhere all the good stuff for making money online was in one place.

The large portion of sites I looked at wasn’t even relative to my searches, just link sites that draw you in on keywords of what your looking for then just pages of ads and no real content, it got so frustrating, so I thought Maybe I should create a website with all the best stuff in my bookmarks! Well that’s exactly what I started to do and here we are with conicure.com, even the name is relative ‘a cure for all the cons on the websites out there.

I still have a day job and, in fact, I enjoy doing it, I’m a self-employed carpenter and have been for 30 years but a few years ago was probably my worst year ever with half of the work I needed to stay afloat, I’m not getting any younger and went into Christmas wondering what to do in 2013.

I am still working as a self-employed carpenter but what’s changed is my attitude, I’m far more positive with some of the online, although small, in many cases, income streams coming into my accounts, but it is growing.

There are adverts on this site but building a website can not be done for nothing, very little can these days, but hopefully my website will save you hours of time searching through the chaff to find the wheat.

The long and short of it is, if I can make money online then anyone can!

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